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Get Your Hands On Supreme Quality Copper Rod, Tinned Copper Strip And Others.
About Us

We, Ashok Kumar Sunil Kumar, are amongst very few traders, manufacturers and retailers of top-quality products; Copper Wire, Lead Ingot, Copper Strip are few to name. Our company working from past many years has made winning as ritual for itself by continuously meeting requirements of industry users for optimum quality. We have become role model for many newbies because our concentration stays on earning ultimate gratification of customers. Our company owes such a successful business journey to dexterous experts who are supportive towards sufficing innovative requirements of buyers. With complete focus on quality, we evaluate our manufactured and traded products on many elements for delivering the best-in-class products across our business location. Our establishment is remarkably progressing by meeting orders of buyers in a short time.

Our Pillar of Strength: Team

Our organization works faster in competition-driven environment because of teamwork. We possess smart team members who work in coordination for acquiring remarkable results. Our employees collaboratively aim to strengthen business reach by meeting organizational goals in the shorter timescale. From manufacturing to procurement, packaging and others, our employees manage responsibilities in the right manner.

We foster team interaction which helps in the appropriate collaboration of new and experienced employees. This interaction supports in learning as both experienced and new employees share ideas and experiences and thus deal situations in the more effective way. Our team members holds good understanding of prevailing needs of buyers, which helps them in serving customers with excellence.

Why Buy Our Products?

  • Our manufactured and traded items are hassle-free to use, longer serving, precision-designed and supreme in finish.
  • Our products are maintained in accurate sizing for professional use in installation areas.
  • Our products are inspected on design, finish, longevity and installation factors.
  • Our items are in sync with superior performance, safety and quality norms.
  • Our products are applicable in electrical, automotive, engineering, construction and diverse industries.
  • Our products both manufactured and traded ones are well-maintained in a huge quantity to meet fast order requirements.
  • Our products such as Copper Strip, Copper Wire, Lead Ingot, etc., are appreciated for their construction and performance.
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